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Time out anyone?

Written by Callum Harland on October 9th, 2012.      0 comments

A few weeks back I spent four nights in the bush on my own. I stayed in a basic tin hut, built by hunters, with a beautiful view of the Wanganui River and surrounding forest. No computers, no mobile phone, no news, no Internet. It was back to basics.
The reason for the trip was to get away, and stamp out some lingering built up stress. As many New Zealanders will know, especially small business owners, the last few years have been a challenge and continue to be so. To those of you who are still in business, you have my full respect. To stay fighting fit we must take time out for ourselves. But unfortunately some of us need more reminding than others.
For some, taking time out will be a walk before breakfast, pumping weights at the gym, skiing, running, hiking, kayaking, surfing, jet boating, mountain biking or a movie with your best friend. For me I especially enjoy spending time in nature, either running, hiking, hunting or fishing. The feeling of freedom I get when on the tussock tops around Mt Ruapehu or the peace I feel amongst the lush green forest of Tongariro is priceless.
There are many well-documented benefits to spending time in nature. Here are just a few of them:
- helps to reduce stress
- improves mood
- overall increase of physical and psychological well-being
- greater sense of vitality
And of coarse spending time in nature can be fun, healthy and exhilarating. Taking time out is important, but some of us can do with a friendly reminder from time to time. So this is my reminder to you – get outside and have fun!