Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Writers of the Lonely Planet recommend the crossing as one of New Zealand's life-changing experiences and rate it as the world’s finest day hike:
"Reputedly the best one-day walk in NZ, the Tongariro Alpine Crossing traverses spectacular volcanic geography…”

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Ski & Board Mt Ruapehu

One of New Zealand’s premier ski & board destinations with over 1000 hectares of basins, chutes, drop offs and nice wide runs. The volcanic terrain at Mt Ruapehu gives massive variety over 65 trails, from Beginners to Advanced.
An exhilarating place to ski, board or to take the kids for a play.

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42nd Traverse MB

One of the North Islands most popular one-day mountain bike rides. A great variety of riding terrain plus several refreshing stream crossings. This Tongariro Forest journey is a must do for budding mountain biker and experienced alike.  
The 42nd Traverse follows old logging tracks through what was known as State Forest 42.

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Tama Lakes Hike

A great alternative to the Tongariro Alpine Crossing. The colours of these explosion crater lakes are quite spectacular, and the surrounding landscape is beautiful. On a fine day fantastic views of Mt Ruapehu & Mt Ngauruhoe can be enjoyed. 17km, return via same track.

Quite manageable in any weather. Ask for our advice.

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Ruapehu Crater Lake Hike

This awe-inspiring hike to the active crater of Mt Ruapehu will take your breath away. The views and the surrounding volcanic landscape will keep you captivated on this 10km return unmarked journey. 
Best to get expert advice before setting out on this adventure. 

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Restaurants & Cafe's 

After a full day of adventure and exploring it’s time to relax, unwind and enjoy an evening of great food, wine and coffee. Or during the day, enjoy lunch with great views from the Knoll Ridge Café (New Zealand’s Highest Café).

An excellent selection of restaurants & cafes are close by.

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Short Scenic Walks

Experience the true beauty of this natural landscape up close. Rolling tussock terrain, beach forest, waterfalls, mountain streams and volcanic landscapes to name a few are the main features.
Suitable for all fitness levels and for almost all weather conditions. 

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Day Hikes

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing is the premier one-day hike in New Zealand. There are other impressive alternatives, which are sure to dazzle your senses. The Tongariro World Heritage Park has so much to offer if you want to get back to nature.
Great alternatives to the Crossing if the weather is not suitable, or if you have already completed it more than 10 times! 

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Multi Day Hikes

Escape the stresses of life, unwind and discover your true self again. There is no better way than to spend a few days out in the wilderness. Camp or go for the luxury option of staying in well-equipped DOC huts.
For the experienced and the inexperienced alike. A lot of fun can be had. Best to get good advice before setting out. 

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Tokaanu Hot Pools

Could there be a better way to end an active fun day out amongst the nature? Geothermal natural hot water sent from mother earth to sooth and relax. Highly recommended and well worth the short drive.
 Private pools and a public pool. Private pools are open air above, very nice on a rainy day! 

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Mountain Biking

With National Cycle Trials being developed, the 42nd Traverse and the Old Coach Road the Central Plateau is set to become a mountain bikers heaven. With diverse trails and unbeatable scenery get on your bike and explore.
You can hire a bike or bring your own. Trails for all levels of expertise from novices through to the pro’s. 

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Trail Running

Like to run off road? Spoilt for choice and for inspiring scenery Tongariro is a Trail Runners dream. With interesting combinations of challenging assents and descents, flat running (relative terms), uneven trails and fast trails Tongariro offers something for the novice through to the world class athlete.
A world-class destination for trail running. 

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Horse Riding

A great family activity for all ages. A nice relaxing alternative to hiking and mountain biking, and a little less strenuous. The steady surefooted horses will take you over farmland to the tops where views of the Mt Ruapehu, Mt Ngauruhoe and Mt Tongariro can be enjoyed.
Definitely suitable for those who have never ridden a horse. 

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Tongariro National Park can only be described as a paradise for photographers. The ever-changing light over the volcanoes and surrounding landscape and the clean air presents many opportunities for the perfect shot.
The mood of Tongariro’s special landscape is ever changing. A lifetime is not enough time to capture the endless possibilities. 

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Fishers Track MB

A really nice alternative to the 42nd Traverse and it’s nearly all downhill! With a variety of good riding surfaces and a 520m descent this track is a real pleasure. Enjoyable scenery with a mixture of native forest and farmland. 17km, or 50km for the full loop.
Suitable for all fitness levels. 

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Old Coach Road MB

Becoming a very popular ride for good reason. This historic cobblestoned trail journeys through some beautiful native forest and follows a bridal track used in the early 1900’s. One of the highlights is the 45m high Hapuawhenua Viaduct, a great piece of New Zealand rail engineering history.
Ideal for all fitness levels. Approximately 9km point to point. 

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River Rafting

Some of the most beautiful rafting scenery in New Zealand! The Tongariro River offers superb options from easy relaxing rafting suitable for families to white water thrills for the adventure seeker.
Something for everyone! A fantastic way to get back to nature and have some quality fun together with family or friends. 

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Kayaking & Canoeing

Experience magnificent wilderness kayaking or canoeing through the Whanganui National Park. Fantastic nature and fascinating history. Or experience the trills of inflatable kayaking down the mighty Whakapapa River. Once again beautiful scenery and plenty of fun.
Half day, full day and multi day options available. 

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Scenic Flights

Taking to the sky is the best way to take in the full scale of this powerful and fascinating landscape. An overall breath taking experience. Look into the eye of a volcano and imagine the forces below. Marvel at the colours and the contrasts of a Tongariro’s living landscape.
Helicopter and fixed wing options are both available.  

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Audi TT Convertible

With the top down on a sunny day, viewing Tongariro National Park from the comfort of a convertible sports car, with the wind blowing through your hair can be an exhilarating and youthful experience.
The curves and the original design of the TT will ensure this beauty becomes a classic in years to come.

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Indoor Climbing Wall

This can be a challenging fun activity, great for the family or a group of friends. Perfect for a rainy day, or a fun evening out with a few friends. Test your skill, your strength and find your limits.  
Suitable for novices and for experienced climbers.

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High Tea at Chateau

If you looking for a little sophistication my we suggest high tea at Tongariro’s own Chateau. Old-world charm, scones and tea all with a splendid view to Mt Ngauruhoe. The Chateau Tongariro was built in the 1930’s, such a fitting location for High Tea.
Marvellous on a rainy afternoon or a fine day to take in the views from the Ruapehu Room.

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Quad Bike Tours

A journey through Tongariro Forest will enthral, excite and get you up close with a variety of forest trails, river crossings, mud and nice views of the volcanos. A leisurely Sunday drive with the family or fun challenge with friends.
Suitable for first timers and for experienced riders. Good common sense is essential.

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Scenic Chairlift Ride

Dramatic scenery and plenty of fresh mountain air can be enjoyed on this pleasant and leisurely ride to 2020m on Mt Ruapehu. You will witness a fascinating volcanic landscape 250,000 years in the making. The views are nothing short of spectacular.
You’ll feel refreshed and invigorated without the physical effort of climbing a mountain.

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Trout Fishing

The Central Plateau offers anglers great variety of world-class trout fishing. Brown trout and rainbow trout can found in most back country wilderness rivers, the very popular Tongariro River and Lake Taupo.
A lifetime will not be enough time for the fishing the Central Plateau.   

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Red deer populate the Tongariro National Park & the Tongariro Forest Park in relatively low numbers. You will also find wild pigs in the Tongariro Forest Park. There is good 4WD access through the forest park. Access into the national park is mostly by foot.
Tongariro Forest Park is one of  the most popular forest parks for recreational hunting. 

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National Trout Hatchery

A great place to visit for the whole family. This will get the kids excited about trout fishing! A beautiful setting in native bush on the banks of the Tongariro River. A highlight is the special viewing window beneath the surface of a spawning stream.
A great place to go for a walk with the kids and or enjoy a picnic lunch amongst the beautiful nature and surrounds.

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Whakapapa Visitor Centre

See captivating footage of past volcanic eruptions and learn about stories and history of the Tongariro National Park. Gain some extra knowledge about the uniqueness of the World Heritage Park.
You can purchase books, postcards and posters from the Visitor Centre to help you remember your special visit to Tongariro.

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