Our Team


Callum Harland

A little about you & how you came to be in Tongariro?

Born & bred in the Ruapehu district. Spent earlier years running, hunting & exploring in and around the Tongariro National Park. I had a schoolboy dream of representing New Zealand at the Olympics...

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Miekelien Bosman

A little about you & how you came to be in Tongariro?

The Tongariro Alpine Crossing with its emerald lakes and red crater was the main reason for me to travel to New Zealand. Now 12 years later I am still here in the most beautiful part of the world...

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Jed Taylor

A little about you & how you came to be in Tongariro?

I have been visiting Tongariro my whole life growing up and always wished to live here as a kid despite living in a small seaside town. High school was spent day dreaming about skiing lines all over Mt Ruapehu... 

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Maria Hudson

A little about you & how you came to be in Tongariro?

We have lived here for 5 years now. My family moved here to work National Park Station right next to Discovery...

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Daniel Jacques

A little about you & how you came to be in Tongariro?

Born and raised in Wellington and never really appreciate the outdoors until I started travelling overseas. Came back to New Zealand to see what the fuss was about...  

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Steve Carr

A little about you & how you came to be in Tongariro?

I was born and raised in a country town called Dannevirke in Southern Hawkes Bay. I was always the hunting / fishing kid and headed for the rivers, country side and ever alluring Ruahine ranges at every opportunity...   

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Jan Godfrey

A little about you & how you came to be in Tongariro?

My family is from the southern end of the South Island however my 2 siblings and I were born and raised on Auckland’s’ North Shore. We grew up by the sea spending hours in and out of the water and playing in the rock pools...    

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Our Facilities


Restaurant and Bar

You deserve to sit down and relax after being out and about all day. Let us prepare a good hearty meal to satisfy your hunger and your taste buds. And at the same time, being nice to your wallet. We pride ourselves on friendly service and excellent quality food. Our restaurant serves breakfast, dinner and premium Italian espresso coffee. We can also make up a packed lunch or packed breakfast to go, to keep your energy levels at maximum for your adventures. There are also excellent restaurants & bars only 5 minutes drive away in National Park or Whakapapa if our restaurant is closed. 

Front Deck

A spectacular panorama of Tongariro's volcanoes. Great place to relax in the evening with a wine and watch the evening light on the mountains. Or read a book and catch some sun. Or marvel at your achievement of walking the Tongariro Crossing with a cold beer or illy coffee from the bar.

Guest Lounge

This place is for fun and leisure only - no serious business allowed here. Enjoy a drink or two, meet people from all over the world, play pool, watch the big screen TV, surf the Internet. Or be impressed watching the sun set on the mountains - from inside, or outside on our big deck.

Guest Laundry

For when your clothes can't keep up with the pace anymore, spend just a couple of bucks, and have them smelling like roses again. There is also a drying room for wet gear if you have been out in the elements.

Communal Building for Campers & Camping Huts

The kitchen and the old pool room (now the dinning room) have great views of Mt Ruapehu. Fortunately there are no views from the toilets and showers! But the showers are free and there is plenty of hot water.

Our Water

We enjoy beautiful drinking water here which is sourced from our private fresh water bore 30m below the ground surface. Not only can you enjoy fresh cool mountain water to drink, you also have the opportunity to do your part for the environment by refilling your water bottles to take with you when you depart.


Check-In & Check-Out Times


Check-In Time

Check In is any time after 2pm until 9pm. If you expect to arrive before 2pm we are happy to store your luggage so you can start exploring the National Park. If you expect to arrive later than 9pm please call Discovery on 0064 7 892 2744 (international Phone) or free call 0800 122 122 from any NZ phone and we can arrange a late Check In.  

Check-Out Time

Check Out time is between 7:30am and 10:00am. If you plan to depart Discovery before 7:30am please settle your account the night before.